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Stay Ahead, But Don’t Get Swept Away, by the Industrial IOT Wave

Stay Ahead, But Don’t Get Swept Away, by the Industrial IOT Wave

The advent of internet of things (IOT) technology represents a new era for industry and manufacturing.

The growth of industrial IOT (IIOT) connections is explosive; by 2025, there will be more than 36.8 billion connections, according to a 2020 report by Jupiter Research. This figure is more than double the current IOT adoption.

Although most industry decision-makers recognize the value of industrial IOT and have expressed a desire to shift, several barriers have impeded progress, especially in regard to architectural challenges, security concerns, and lack of qualified partners to help navigate the transition.

This article will briefly outline the benefits of industrial IOT, explain some of the challenges, and provide a solution for overcoming these obstacles.

IIOT: Transformational Potential

The multiplicative growth of IIOT is largely due to its efficiency benefits. The technology gives organizations access to increased amounts of data to feed analytics, AI, and cognitive learning systems which can transform operations through automation and high rate decision making. The result is boosted productivity and streamlined functions.

For example, sensors on machinery monitor performance constantly, gathering data on operations that can be used to optimize performance. Some of the data gathered can also be used for equipment maintenance and can trigger alerts when machines require attention.

There are a myriad of other uses for IIOT, such as safety. IIOT empowered environments can also keep workers safer by alerting entire facilities when accidents occur. In a split second, operations can be halted, and team members can intervene to mitigate the incident. Simultaneously, sensors will mine data to generate insight into what caused the incident and how it can be prevented from reoccurring.

IIOT Challenges Are Significant, Yet Surmountable

The industrial IOT takeover seems imminent, yet many decision-makers are still hesitant to master the new technology. The slow starters hesitate at their peril, as being early adopters to IOT technology can be a significant competitive advantage in the long run.

In general, some common obstacles holding the business back from realizing the benefits of industrial IOT follow one of these themes:

Primary Process Control System (DCS, etc.) Integration Challenges

Where primary process control systems are concerned, there are already many complexities to manage, for which sensors might create one more pain point. Decision-makers are often overly cautious to implement new technology, out of concerns for cost, cybersecurity, network challenges, and user access. If overall system architecture and safe operations are considered in implementing industrial IOT technologies, these technologies can exist within or along side existing control system architectures.

Pilot Projects Are Daunting

In 2020, IndustryWeek reported that many IOT initiatives end up stuck in “pilot purgatory,” leading to frustratingly slow progress and causing some industrial organizations to delay their migration to IOT. Some obstacles include complexity of assets, lack of willingness to participate in an IOT program, “ugly baby syndrome” or a reluctance to see that current processes are insufficient.

Critical Data and Systems Are Challenging to Access by Design

IOT projects often need additional data to view and analyze, but it can be tricky to execute control systems integrations. Often, engineering projects are required to pull in the necessary components, such as those in the DCS.

How to Overcome Challenges and Enhance Benefits: RED Alert in IIOT

Industrial IOT programs have transformational potential, but successful deployment requires both expertise and technology. With the right partner, you won’t need to worry about stalled pilot programs, primary process control system concerns, or stubborn data and systems siloes.

RED Group provides consultative management, dedicated specialists, and proprietary software that will facilitate successful IIOT initiatives. Our best-in-class control systems technology is perfect for a variety of uses and industries.

For our clients, RED Group consults on sensor and instrumentation selection and engineering. We also provide additional programming and consultation as required. There is no need to fuss over the tech stack since we provide all the hardware, software, installation, and commissioning.

The work doesn’t stop when the data is collected. Once enough raw intelligence has been generated, we activate our RED Alert SCADA. Analytics at the edge or in the cloud?  RED Alert can provide both.  Our technology allows us to forward data and integrate it into other systems as well.

Why should you trust RED Group? For one, our track record of partnership is a testament to our effectiveness. We consistently lower CapEx costs, deploy in less time than our competitors, and have superior expertise in engineering and integrating IIOT assets.

Don’t Fall Behind the IIOT Curve—Get in Touch With RED Group Today>>>

The move to SCADA in the cloud

Scada in the cloud image

In the past, SCADA expertise, complex licensing models, and the hardware and software infrastructure of traditional control systems proved to be technical and economic barriers for both large and small organizations that were considering enhancements to their industrial automation systems and remote operations capabilities. However, with technology ever evolving, the value of implementing remote asset monitoring and control often greatly outweighs the accompanying challenges. While cloud computing has been a mainstay in enterprise software for nearly a decade, the platform concept has become mature and secure enough to meet the demanding expectations of industrial operators. By offering a pay-as-you-go subscription model to avoid the large capital investment of deploying onsite infrastructure, hosted SCADA solutions can provide a lower cost of entry into remote operations monitoring, control and data analytics.

What is it?

A hosted, cloud-based, SCADA system is provided as a service and can be connected to a variety of processes at virtually any geographical location over a secure, private network. Operators can securely access and interact with their process data, potentially from any device anywhere in the world at any time.

With minimal network infrastructure deployed at the assets, a secure connection can be established with existing control system infrastructure. For organizations who are not yet automated but may be hesitant due to budget constraints, the cost savings of a hosted SCADA system can help by limiting capital investments to only control system hardware such as local operator interfaces, instrumentation, and installation. If assets are already automated via a control system, the move to SCADA in the cloud is simplified even further.

Security, performance, reliability and maintainability are common concerns when deploying onsite servers and network infrastructure. By offloading these functions to a cloud provider, asset owners can focus more on running an efficient and profitable business.

Another benefit inherent to a properly designed cloud-based SCADA solution is scalability. As assets are bought and sold, the system can be ramped up and down in a quick, efficient, and secure manner. Integrated cybersecurity, in combination with the flexibility of user and role-based access control, allows for specificity of access to applications for any combination of view, control, and configuration per asset. Subscribing to a hosted SCADA system also provides the experience, support, and the software and hardware upgrades that are best delivered via an external dedicated SCADA team with expertise servicing multiple standard and custom applications.

RED Group’s premier SCADA solution: RED Alert

RED Alert gives clients control and enables you to monitor processes and operations across multiple locations from anywhere at any time. Additionally, it can be easily customized to fit the unique needs of any system. Our RED Alert SCADA solution is designed to interface with our RED Alert local control system hardware but can also directly interface with existing or third-party control system hardware.

Our in-house OT Security Department is involved in the design and testing of all of our Hosted SCADA and Control System solutions, ensuring a secure system and compliance with applicable cybersecurity standards.

Our experienced team can also create a unique solution from the ground up that perfectly fits your needs. We are available to speak with you about your specific challenges and customization requirements. Contact us today to learn more about RED Group and how RED Alert can benefit your organization.


SCADA Success for Municipal Drainage Pumping Systems

SCADA Success

For municipalities, maintaining critical infrastructure, such as water and wastewater systems, is paramount. A well-designed and properly maintained SCADA system can provide real-time visibility into industrial assets, allowing municipalities to deploy operators and maintenance personnel to where they are needed most. RED Group has extensive water and wastewater experience working with multiple municipalities on their Industrial Control Systems. 

Many drainage systems, especially in southeast Louisiana, rely on a large network of pumping stations to safely transport water and prevent localized or widespread flooding during rain events. In Terrebonne Parish, pump stations are operated by the parish’s Forced Drainage Division. For the past 7 years, RED Group has partnered with the Forced Drainage Division to design, setup, upgrade, and maintain several of their antiquated Control Systems.

These systems include automated control of pumping stations, centralized visibility, alarm and event notifications, and historian systems. All systems are designed and maintained for reliability and in a uniform manner, allowing for similar operation, regardless of the size and type of pumping station. Forced Drainage Superintendent Carl Ledet has worked closely with the team over several years and spoke positively of his experience with RED Group.

 “I’ve been particularly impressed with RED Group’s industry knowledge, their availability, and their level of communication. Thanks in a large part to RED Group, we have a reliable state-of-the-art product for which the investment has easily been realized.”

 “Additionally, with their RED Alert product, we were able to quickly get several smaller pumping stations automated and on to our existing SCADA system, which we could not have accomplished cost-effectively with our existing control schemes.”

RED Group has partnered with public and governmental organizations like Terrebonne Parish, as well as many private organizations. Equipped with years of industry experience, we focus on the details to truly understand our customers, decipher any pain-points and needs, and then develop solutions built specifically around those needs.

Interested in hearing more? Contact us to learn how we can help.

Introducing RED Rover, an On-site Technician Solution for COVID-19 and Beyond

The RED Rover

Are you in need of on-site support but want to reduce travel costs or mitigate risk by restricting personnel access? We are excited to now offer RED Rover, our new compact mobile technician station that contains all the tools necessary to help you troubleshoot, and resolve, any issues you may be experiencing. 

RED Rover is equipped with a secure industrial computer, loaded with applicable software, a high definition 360-degree camera and all the essential measurement tools and equipment an automation professional utilizes. Once RED Rover is enabled, our engineers can connect directly to the interface via a secured private network and can work with your qualified on-site personnel to see what they see via cameras, and direct them to plug in cables or connect measuring devices, all while accessing the systems via the computer. It’s just as if we were on site! 

Added benefits to RED Rover are that you can rent it by the day when troubleshooting or addressing operational issues, or rent it by the month and keep it on hand for regular maintenance. Once the work is complete, you can unplug, power down, or even pack up the system so there is no concern about unauthorized access.

Does conventional secure remote access better suit your needs?  We can help you in that case as well; we are able to follow your remote access processes and/or apply RED Group’s.

If you’re interested in adding RED Rover to your industrial controls package, we invite you to reach out to us to learn more.

RED Group Announces New Name and Rebrand With Launch of New Website

RED Group is excited to announce the completion of the company’s rename and rebrand project with the launch of a new website. In late 2019, Remont Engineering & Design Group, LLC embarked on a project to rename and rebrand the company to better position itself with its customers and key industries. The leadership team partnered with Brew Agency, a full-service branding and advertising agency based in Baton Rouge, LA dedicated to providing service to its customers with a collaborative, personalized approach. Together they explored the company’s overall business strategy, customer segments and brand strategy to develop the name and new identity for the organization.

RED Group and its new brand image reflect the company’s passion for delivering value and peace of mind to its clients. Our hope is that we have shown our unwavering commitment to quality control, fit for purpose design and impeccable support that we can deliver to all of our clients.

The company’s new website is more user-friendly and offers an updated design and modern layout for an intuitive flow of information for the visitor. Focusing on the company’s areas of expertise and key industries were essential to ensure we provide the right information to our target customers.

RED Group’s flagship product, RED Alert, is showcased and given high priority within the website. RED Alert, an industrial controls and SCADA platform, provides the best-in class control systems technology, coupled with the flexibility of enabling RED Group to customize the solution. With RED Alert, we’ve designed a platform that doesn’t require the wheel to be reinvented. As a hybrid solution, about 70% of the SCADA system/interface is pre-created and ready to go. The rest of the product is ready to be customized so it tailor fits any organization’s unique needs. 

Everyone at RED Group is excited to launch our new brand and website and take another step forward for our organization. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Take Control and Go Remote With RED Alert

Operating critical infrastructure in today’s world can be a daunting task for some, but it doesn’t have to be. RED Group can offer a variety of services to help you optimize your team’s interactions with the critical systems while also providing a customized remote monitoring program to provide peace of mind.

RED Alert is our premier industrial controls and hosted SCADA technology platform offering a unique hybrid solution which allows us to use a pre-created interface, but then customize it to fit your organization. By hosting the software, we can help store, collect and process data real-time, and our team of professionals can interpret the data to help you make better operational decisions.

Go remote with three months of free hosted SCADA with RED Alert

Utilize our RED Alert controller combined with RED Alert hosted SCADA for three months without the monthly subscription service charge. Only pay for customization and installation services, and at the end of the three month period, simply return the hardware. Our hope is for you to see a significant value by using our RED Alert system. And if you do, elect to keep the hardware, and we’ll invoice you for it. Continue using the RED Alert SCADA system through our monthly subscription service. Contact us today to learn more about this special offer!

RED Group Named to Inc. 5000 List

RED Group is pleased to announce our rank as No. 3998 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Started in 1982, this prestigious list has become the hallmark of entrepreneurial success.

We are honored to be listed among so many other innovative and successful organizations. As the industrial control systems industry continues to evolve, we are driving change in our own operational processes across the services we provide. 

Our team’s hard work and dedication is the main reason we’ve been able to grow RED Group and reach this milestone of making the Inc. 5000 list. We have always had a focus on building a strong, positive culture that encourages teamwork and provides team members with the tools and authority to succeed.

We could not be where we are today without the support of our clients, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. It’s been a great journey and we’re even more excited about the innovations we have planned in the coming years that will bring even more value to our clients. 

We invite you to learn more about the Inc. 5000 list and how it is compiled.