RED Alert Use Cases

RED Alert provides the best-in-class of control systems technology, and gives RED Group the flexibility to customize the solution for your organization’s needs.


Having the data to analyze to make the best decisions has never been more valuable. RED Alert is everything you need to make the most informed decisions in support of operational excellence.

We understand your business and want to give you an advantage. RED Alert, our flagship Industrial Process Controller and cloud-based hosted SCADA platform, provides best-in-class control system technology. It has the flexibility of enabling us to customize the solution for your organization’s unique needs and is the most complete solution available.

You’ll have the additional data to make operational decisions and achieve maximum efficiency. You can expect a reduced need for overhead to support ICS hardware and software, and a quick turn up. Plus, you can avoid high up-front expenses with our subscription-based service.

Download the PDF to learn about all the benefits.


Do you lack visibility into your assets and have little to no automation? Do you lack sufficient IT/OT infrastructure or cybersecurity to support and protect your assets adequately? Do you lack the funding for software updates, server upgrades, or the ability to design and build out a new infrastructure? If so, life just got better.

RED Alert gives you the ability to have remote operations to monitor and control your SCADA system while decreasing operating costs by integrating and empowering technology use. That means fewer operators traveling to sites, which can increase your HSE posture. Why not leverage the team to execute higher-value tasks? And it also means you’ll have better visibility into your equipment status for trending purposes, maintenance needs, and the reliability of your assets.

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Designing and deploying a control system tailored to your exact needs has never been easier. When you use RED Alert, you’re entering an era of predictive and prescriptive maintenance. You’ll have reliable data for both individual equipment and groups of equipment.

Manufacturers who sell or lease products in need of controls/SCADA deploy RED Alert to monitor performance, warranty, reliability, location, and status of all equipment resulting in incredible ROI.

RED Alert seamlessly integrates into your existing system. RED Alert hardware and the cloud-based, hosted, SCADA system can be utilized independently of the other and can scale with your business.

Download the PDF to learn about all the benefits.


Get to the bottom of knowing whether your boiler is performing at the efficiency it should be. With RED Alert, you’ll now have the technology to allow for remote operations, visibility into performance, real-time alarms, and custom reporting – all at your fingertips. Achieve maximum efficiency resulting in lower costs. The data you receive will provide insights into operations, maintenance and reliability, lowering downtime and the hurdle of costly repairs.

RED Alert is by far one of the best solutions available. It gives you the ability to interface with other systems at a much lower cost, working together to maximize boiler efficiency.

Download the PDF to learn about all the benefits.

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