June 26, 2020

SCADA Success for Municipal Drainage Pumping Systems

For municipalities, maintaining critical infrastructure, such as water and wastewater systems, is paramount. A well-designed and properly maintained SCADA system can provide real-time visibility into industrial assets, allowing municipalities to deploy operators and maintenance personnel to where they are needed most. RED Group has extensive water and wastewater experience working with multiple municipalities on their Industrial Control Systems. 

Many drainage systems, especially in southeast Louisiana, rely on a large network of pumping stations to safely transport water and prevent localized or widespread flooding during rain events. In Terrebonne Parish, pump stations are operated by the parish’s Forced Drainage Division. For the past 7 years, RED Group has partnered with the Forced Drainage Division to design, setup, upgrade, and maintain several of their antiquated Control Systems.

These systems include automated control of pumping stations, centralized visibility, alarm and event notifications, and historian systems. All systems are designed and maintained for reliability and in a uniform manner, allowing for similar operation, regardless of the size and type of pumping station. Forced Drainage Superintendent Carl Ledet has worked closely with the team over several years and spoke positively of his experience with RED Group.

 “I’ve been particularly impressed with RED Group’s industry knowledge, their availability, and their level of communication. Thanks in a large part to RED Group, we have a reliable state-of-the-art product for which the investment has easily been realized.”

 “Additionally, with their RED Alert product, we were able to quickly get several smaller pumping stations automated and on to our existing SCADA system, which we could not have accomplished cost-effectively with our existing control schemes.”

RED Group has partnered with public and governmental organizations like Terrebonne Parish, as well as many private organizations. Equipped with years of industry experience, we focus on the details to truly understand our customers, decipher any pain-points and needs, and then develop solutions built specifically around those needs.

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