RED Alert

Why Wait for the Future of Automation When It Can Be Realized Today?

Futurists say automation will change everything later this century. We say, “Why wait?”

RED Alert is our flagship, Industrial Controls & hosted SCADA platform that provides the best-in-class of control systems technology, with the flexibility of enabling us to customize the solution for any organization’s unique processes and proprietary needs. By providing our clients with both the hardware and software to control/monitor their assets, via a monthly subscription-based service, RED Alert returns high value in automating an organization’s industrial processes.

With Red Alert,

Remotely control their assets from anywhere in the world, at any time

Deploy operators and other team members to work through the highest value tasks, while allowing technology to handle the process itself

Access data via our web app or an app on a mobile device

Generate reports at specified times or on the fly

Keep all industrial data safe and secure in the cloud, which is protected by both top-notch encryption and our New Orleans- and Houston-based, on-staff cybersecurity specialists

Your Common Challenges Solved by RED Alert

Organizations across a multitude of industries including water/wastewater, packaged products and heavy movable structures tend to share common challenges when it comes to automating their industrial assets.

RED Alert solves all these common challenges – and more. By providing a cloud-based solution, we enable our clients to control their systems and processes from anywhere, anytime. Our monthly subscription-based pricing makes RED Alert a robust, yet cost-effective solution for organizations managing multiple, distributed industrial locations and field operations. And since all industrial data is stored in a secure cloud-based environment, our clients never have to worry about managing their own servers, running out of memory, or maintaining a back-up scheme.

These include:

  • Giving organizations remote access to industrial locations and job sites from anywhere
  • Affordably managing multi-site operations
  • Under-informed decision making situations
  • Storing and backing up terabytes of data on an organization’s own servers

Red Alert
and deploy

With RED Alert, we’ve designed a platform that doesn’t require the wheel to be reinvented. As a hybrid solution, approximately 70% of the SCADA system/interface is pre-created and ready to go. The rest of the product is ready to be customized so it tailor fits any organization’s unique needs.

Because so much of this high-powered platform is already waiting to be used, we’re able to fine-tune it and make your necessary customizations quickly. This means you can choose RED Alert and deploy it almost instantaneously!

Delivering an Immediate ROI

Lots of ICS (Industrial Control Systems) firms promise an ROI when deploying their solutions/technology, but do they actually help you realize one?

At RED Group, we’re confident that RED Alert will give our clients an instant return on your investment by:

  1. Reducing the need for overhead to support ICS hardware and software
  2. Providing a quick turn-up
  3. Avoiding costly, up-front capital costs by offering RED Alert as a monthly subscription-based service

Our Promise
to provide
our clients
with the best
in quality

We all know that machines can sometimes be unpredictable. But at RED Group, we never want to be the reason one of our clients is experiencing a delay or shutdown.

That’s why at RED Group, we have an undying commitment to quality control, fit for purpose design, and impeccable support. We go the extra mile in testing all deployments of RED Alert before rolling them out, so our clients can trust that they’ll work 24/7/365.

When More
is needed,

red group
can help

While we know RED Alert can help many organizations, we understand some organizations’ needs may be more specific. If that’s the case, our talented in-house team of ICS consultants can create a completely unique solution from the ground up.

Speak with RED Group to Learn How RED Alert Can Benefit Your Organization

We know all our clients have unique needs and goals, and that’s why we have a team of RED Alert experts available to speak with you about your organization’s specific challenges and customization requirements.

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