Integrated Systems for Manufacturing: Less Downtime, More ROI

Moving parts and disparate systems are opportunities for improvement. In manufacturing, the gains from intelligent integration and automation are astronomical, making the need for value-added control systems a priority.

RED Group’s track record of success spans multiple manufacturing industries and disciplines, including chemicals, OEM custom systems design, plant/assembly lines, shipbuilding, and packaged equipment. Manufacturers trust us as both an advisor as well as a provider in a world where control systems are key.

Production requirements change, and disparate and disjointed systems can easily become too much to manage. Sometimes, staff members find workarounds to production problems or develop their own fixes, but this takes time and can lead to “big picture” inefficiencies.

Manufacturing is Complicated. We Help Simplify It.

Technology relieves much of the human burden in preventing disruption and downtime while optimizing efficiency. Expertly designed control systems enable preventative maintenance to occur that would be impossible to predict without technology. Real-time collection of mechanical performance data allows problems to be addressed before they become disasters, while alarms and dashboards alert operators when their attention is required.

Control Can be
Easy AND Smart

What good is a control system that’s difficult to learn, maintain, and utilize? Our systems and panels are built with the end-user in mind, as well as the ‘big picture’ goals of your organization. Where applicable, we design custom user interfaces that are intuitive and built off of our years of experience with industry best practices.

Custom control doesn’t necessarily mean complicated, or cost prohibitive.  We work with many customers to develop custom, or OEM, control solutions in support of their larger industrial product offering.  We can work with you, and the market you service, to ensure controls, data, and security are a value-add, not just a cost to you and your clients.

Production and/or client requirements often change quickly in manufacturing and most systems will see many operators. Usability means that not only are the systems more effective in the long-run but also that the learning curve is shorter. Easier systems mean higher ROI, better functionality, and fewer headaches for your team.     

Flexible, Effective,
and Safe

You don’t have to sacrifice flexibility for security. In today’s networked world, industrial assets are a battleground as hackers scour every inch of your operation for vulnerabilities.  Let us help you develop and execute a posture that keeps your industrial networks, devices, and data where they belong, under your control.

A solid cybersecurity strategy is essential with any Industrial Control System.  RED Group always uses relevant cybersecurity standards and appropriate strategies to ensure that any potential risks are identified and mitigated.

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