April 15, 2020

Introducing RED Rover, an On-site Technician Solution for COVID-19 and Beyond

Are you in need of on-site support but want to reduce travel costs or mitigate risk by restricting personnel access? We are excited to now offer RED Rover, our new compact mobile technician station that contains all the tools necessary to help you troubleshoot, and resolve, any issues you may be experiencing. 

RED Rover is equipped with a secure industrial computer, loaded with applicable software, a high definition 360-degree camera and all the essential measurement tools and equipment an automation professional utilizes. Once RED Rover is enabled, our engineers can connect directly to the interface via a secured private network and can work with your qualified on-site personnel to see what they see via cameras, and direct them to plug in cables or connect measuring devices, all while accessing the systems via the computer. It’s just as if we were on site! 

Added benefits to RED Rover are that you can rent it by the day when troubleshooting or addressing operational issues, or rent it by the month and keep it on hand for regular maintenance. Once the work is complete, you can unplug, power down, or even pack up the system so there is no concern about unauthorized access.

Does conventional secure remote access better suit your needs?  We can help you in that case as well; we are able to follow your remote access processes and/or apply RED Group’s.

If you’re interested in adding RED Rover to your industrial controls package, we invite you to reach out to us to learn more.