Month: July 2021

RNG: A Clear Path Forward

RNG: A Clear Path Forward

The Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) space is one that is growing at a rapid, steady pace – and not surprisingly! If sustainability and innovation aren’t enough to draw you in, the RIN credit pricing trajectory and other incentives will. Many legacy landfill/plant owners have started purchasing new assets with the intent of converting them into RNG processing facilities to either upgrade and sell or continue producing RNG. The idea of “plant-flipping” is not new; after all, if you’ve already got experience with operating and owning a plant, this should be no different, right?

The Challenge

While it is certainly true that RNG is a lucrative renewables subindustry, it’s also true that there are some potential complications to getting started and operating an RNG facility efficiently, even for the most experienced plant owners. Some issues include complications with integrating process equipment and their accompanying technology, trouble operating at the efficiency required to get the desired ROI, and difficulty standardizing approaches/technology throughout an entire organization, to name a few. Proper landfill operations strategies, solid gas processing ideals, as well as top tier controls and automation are some of the components required for an efficient operation.

The challenges faced by many plant owners are where RED Group excels. Our team is comprised of consultants with engineering, automation, cybersecurity and field service expertise, and our UL listed panel fabrication shop, where we build and test our control systems, sets us apart from any other automation firm. Our experienced team of engineers have the skills and solutions necessary to increase uptime and efficiency.  This allows us to fine-tune your operations to greater profitability.

The Solution

Where many firms are just getting started with Renewable Natural Gas, RED Group has 8 years of experience as the Go-To Integrators in this space. Our team is experienced in designing, integrating, and optimizing your systems. Looking for centralized SCADA tying all your assets together to provide remote monitoring? We can help. Looking for advanced analytics capabilities to better predict equipment failure, plant upsets, etc.? We have you covered there as well. Our field service technicians are ready to support you remotely or onsite to address challenges in the field if you do experience problems. For owners of multiple assets, we provide a simple way to monitor all your assets from your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere in the world. We can partner with you to incorporate the right amount of automation, saving your organization significant dollars and freeing up your team to focus on higher value tasks. RED Group is a one-stop-shop for all design, integration, panel construction and cybersecurity needs.

The value RED Group brings is increasing uptime and efficiency, maximizing your return on investment. If you have recently acquired a new asset, RED group can execute an assessment, providing you with an asset inventory, standardization opportunities, optimization consulting, and beyond. If you have multiple assets, we can partner with you to integrate your new asset into your portfolio with standardization in mind. We standardize your systems/processes operation-wide, which will minimize time spent learning new systems, time transferring between systems, as well as keeping training consistent amongst sites. Standardized systems and processes mean that every operator will recognize and be able to operate the system for each piece of equipment, regardless of the location, function, or even manufacturer; all process equipment will have a similar look and feel, creating ease-of-use for your operators.

Take Away

At RED Group, we’ve seen the obstacles plant owners face. We understand the frustrations start-ups (and even well-established operations) face when it comes to operations and integration. It isn’t only important for your equipment to work together – and work together well – it’s essential for everything to work efficiently, safely, and securely. That’s where we come in. RNG is a space that is growing steadily with no signs of slowing, and the value RED Group has to offer speaks for itself. Whether you have no experience or are an expert in this space, we can make the transition simple. With RED Group, you’ve got a partner you can trust. Contact us today to find out how we can increase the efficiency, profitability, and ROI of your operations.