Month: February 2022

Managing Your Maritime Project with RED Group

Managing your Maritime Project with RED Group

Shipbuilding, along with the manufacturing of other maritime vessels, is a complex industry with many moving parts. There are so many systems to be considered – navigation, propulsion, and ballast systems – just to start! Additional complications surface when searching for the right partners with the right experience to put all these moving parts together to create a quality vessel in a timely and efficient manner.

It’s not always easy knowing where to turn. How do we ensure these companies will work well together? Will they be able to communicate their needs to one another properly? Do their systems integrate as conceptualized and proposed? Are they working on similar timelines? Can their work be done simultaneously? It’s all enough to make your head spin! An important first step in ensuring a successful project is finding an integration partner with skills in engineering, cybersecurity, and OT systems, who also has the leadership capabilities to inject value into the planning, design, and production phases while providing project assurance services throughout.

The Challenge

As shipbuilders, it’s a challenge to keep manufacturing running smoothly. But when time down means money lost and/or significantly impacts the end user, it’s imperative to make sure design and production stay on track and on time. So, what can be done when there are hiccups in the workflow? Partnering with a maritime-experienced firm can be an incredible risk prevention tool.

When the schedule dictates that manufacturing begins before the design process is complete, shipbuilders may run into simultaneous operations challenges and resource availability issues. There are often delays on documentation followed by an influx of documentation, which leads to significant downtime followed by extreme uptime, causing peaks in resource loading. RED Group can relieve this situation by providing proper planning, assurance, and personnel to execute the work in a timely and efficient manner, saving shipbuilders from costly onboarding and turnover as well as expensive rework due to incomplete engineering.

Cybersecurity is an important, yet relatively new aspect in the maritime environment. Many shipbuilders are inexperienced in cybersecurity, just like many cybersecurity experts are inexperienced in the maritime industry. RED Group not only has experience in both maritime and cybersecurity, but in cybersecurity in the maritime industry!

Building a vessel is a large project – automation, engineering, cybersecurity, and systems integration are imperative, and it isn’t always easy to find a partner you can trust to tie everything together. RED Group has the experience required to ensure compliance and integration of all vessel systems, with cybersecurity designed into the project.

The Solution

It is important to not only partner with teams who have experience in each individual aspect of shipbuilding, but to find a partner who employs a holistic approach to the technology piece of shipbuilding. Hiring a cybersecurity expert lacking knowledge of industrial control systems, for instance, can lead to complications via risk management gaps, communication barriers,  and more. RED Group has the expertise needed to provide top quality project management and assurance services. We keep the project running smoothly and on time, and pride ourselves on the ability to overcome any obstacle thrown our way.

Here at RED Group, we excel at managing deliverables, timelines, and suppliers. We’re pros at ensuring your suppliers are providing technology packages as specified and expected for proper integration.  We’re passionate about making sure your vessel is delivered with the intended level of technology integration and adherence to the cybersecurity requirements. Our multi-industry integration experience makes us the perfect partner to guarantee each process on your ship operates smoothly and resiliently.

Take Away

Having worked across the Energy, Public and Manufacturing industries, in addition to our Maritime efforts – such as naval vessels, dredges, and cranes – RED Group has the experience needed to tackle any challenge that comes our way. Partnering with RED Group means we take care of the stress points so that you can focus on what’s important: building a top-notch vessel on time and within budget. When you partner with RED Group, you can rest assured that you will have help every step of the way, from beginning to end of your project. Contact us today to see the difference partnering with RED Group can make for your project.