Industrial Cybersecurity

RED Group is a specialized provider of Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity consulting and solutions. We are experts in our field and we keenly understand process safety concerns and challenges.  We will work vigorously to build thorough and comprehensive security solutions for your industrial assets.

The Perfect Marriage of ICS and Cybersecurity Expertise

Where industrial control systems are involved, cyber threats abound. Many companies trust cybersecurity generalists with little knowledge of OT networks, concerns,  and goals to keep them safe, but there’s a better path.

Cybersecurity Integration

Rest Assured, in knowing RED Group has years of experience developing customized OT systems.

Integration is the key to addressing all cybersecurity needs simultaneously. RED Group possesses the knowledge of both process control network designers and engineers to provide a holistic approach to implementing industrial cybersecurity programs at the initial stages. For our clients’ systems, that means a strong application of security best practices throughout the entire asset lifecycle, from the conceptual phase through commissioning/startup and maintenance stages.

A Solution for Every
Cybersecurity Need

Establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity program can involve juggling multiple vendors and communicating with several points of contact. When working with RED Group, we’ll consult with you through program development, implementation, remediation, monitoring, and the continuous improvement phase as one unified team.

We are vendor agnostic and we take a customized approach to each engagement, while employing best practices and applicable standards.

Our full gamut of cybersecurity solutions includes:
  • Risk assessment and gap analyses
  • OT security program development
  • Defense in depth strategy
  • Training and development
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) solutions
  • Remediation projects, including networking, end point protection, documentation and more
Industrial Cybersecurity

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